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If you decide not to attend a driving school, you will need a private driving supervisor for your driving lessons. Your supervisor can be anyone who meets the following requirements:

  • Is 24 years old or older
  • Has held a driving licence of a relevant category for at least five out of last ten years. 
  • Be familiar with the vehicle, which will be used during driving lessons and be competent with it
  • Has taken the introduction course for B category

A student is allowed to have two or more supervisors at a time. For example, both your parents could be your supervisors if they meet the requirements. A person who wishes to be your supervisor needs to apply for an official permission to become a supervisor (‘handledarbevis’ in Swedish). The application form can be found on the website of Swedish Transport Agency and the application fee currently is 170 SEK. 

One supervisor is allowed to have up to 15 students at a time. For each student a separate approval needs to be obtained. Each approval is valid for 5 years from the date of its issuance. The driving supervisor is regarded as the driver during the driving lessons and bears all the responsibility. After applying to become a supervisor, both the student and the supervisor need to complete an introductory course. The driving schools usually offer such introductory course. 

If you choose to skip driving school and prepare on your own with the help of a private driving supervisor, both you and your supervisor will need to take an introductory course. After successful completion of the introductory course your private supervisor will be officially approved to be your accompanying driver. Note that this applies to category B driving instruction and not to category AM. Driving instruction with a private supervisor is not allowed for category AM. The list of approved organisers of an introductory course can be found at Swedish Transport Agency website. 

The introductory course consists of the following areas:
-    the goals of driving instruction and its content; driving lessons regulations
-    driving lessons structure
-    traffic safety and environmental considerations

If you wish to begin your preparation for obtaining a driving licence, you need to get a learner’s permit. Learner’s permit is necessary before you can start taking your driving lessons, regardless of the driving licence category you are willing to get. In case you already possess a driving licence for category B and wish to take the practical driving test for the extended B authorisation, you do not need to apply for a learner’s permit. In this case you do neither need to complete the introduction course. 

You can apply for your learner’s permit at the official website of Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen).  For this you will need to provide your personal security number and to sign medical declaration. You will also need an eye test certificate from eye specialist. The application processing fee is 220 SEK.  

You can apply for your learner’s permit at After you receive your learner’s permit you will be allowed to start your driving lessons and do your driving theory and practical test. Your learner’s permit will be valid for 5 years and this period cannot be extended. If you wish to have a learner’s permit again after expiration, you need to apply for it again. 



You may obtain a Swedish driving licence only if you comply with the following requirements:

  • have reached the age of 

– 15 years old for category AM
– 16 years old for category A1
– 18 years old for categories A2, B, BE, C1 and C1E
– 20 years old and had a driving license with category A2 for at least two years, or have turned 24 years old, for category A
– 21 years old for categories C, CE, D1 and D1E
– 24 years old for categories D, DE and A (if you have not had a driving licence with category A2 for at least two years)

  • hold a learner’s permit
  • permanently reside in Sweden or have studied in Sweden for at least 6 months
  • have passed a complete driving test including theory test and practical driving test. For category AM, a theory test must have been passed.

In addition, you must not hold another driving licence issued by another country inside of the EEA, or by Switzerland or Japan. Driving licences from these countries can be exchanged to a Swedish licence.


In Sweden you have the right to choose whether you wish to go to a driving school or to prepare on your own with the help of a private driving supervisor or even mix both options. It is up to you to decide what option of driving education suits you best. Attending a driving school is naturally more expensive and less flexible compared to studying on your own and practising driving with a private supervisor (who can, by the way, be your friend or relative). On this portal you can find necessary theoretical materials for theory test preparation as well as multiple-choice tests that will help you revise for the official theory test.  

If you decide to attend a driving school, read reviews and make sure you choose the school that is right for you and which ensures that you receive comprehensive instruction and become a safe and eco-friendly driver. Note that for category AM licences private driving instruction is not allowed. Instead you should take lessens with an approved driving instructor. A list of approved driving instructors can be found at 

Obtaining a driving licence is the first step towards the freedom of movement, joy and excitement of owning and driving a vehicle. But at the same time this comes with a lot of responsibility because as a driver you are responsible not only for yourself and your passengers, but also for the safety of fellow road users and for the environmental consequences of traffic pollution. Learning the theory and mastering driving skills is essential part of preparation for becoming a good driver, but it is not enough just to learn to drive. It is also crucial that you make yourself aware of key principles of safe and ecological driving. Be a responsible citizen and make sure you do all what depends on you to minimize your footprint on the environment. Starting from learning eco-driving techniques to selecting an environmentally friendly car, all these steps are important in order to preserve our planet for future generations.  

After you receive your learner’s permit you are allowed to begin your driving practice. Driving practice can be performed with a driving school instructor or with a private instructor who can be your parent or a friend. In case you decide to have private driving instruction with your relative or friend this person will need to be approved as your supervisor (‘handledare’ in Swedish). It is also possible to combine the survices of several instructors, for example, both driving school instructor and private supervisor. You can even have several private supervisors - your both parents can be approved as your supervisors, for example. 

Before you begin your driving lessons, be sure that you meet the following requirements:

  • you must hold a valid learner’s permit
  • for driving a car, you must be at least 16 years old 
  • for driving a light lorry, you must be at least 17 years and 6 months old
  • for driving a light trailer in tow, you must be at least 17 years and 6 months old 

Note that if you wish to get AM licence, you cannot have private supervisors. Instead you need to get approved instructor, check out the list of approved isntructors at the Swedishh Transport Agency website. In order to get AM licence you must be at least 14 years and 9 months old.

Driving is all about experience. You will need sufficient amount of driving in different road conditions and traffic situations in order to be ready for independent driving. Many aspects of driving need to be repeatedly practiced in order to be mastered, such as reversing, parking, starting and stopping, changing gears, keeping lane in condensed traffic, etc. You need to learn to be aware of your reaction time and select your speed accordingly. Problem solving in a safe and timely manner is one of key skills in driving. All these aspects you will learn during your driving lessons.

Driving test can be taken at one of the Swedish Transport Administration driver testing offices. Before you can take your theory test you must fulfil all other requirements for obtaining a driver’s licence. The driving test for category B consists of 2 parts: the practical test and the theory test. Both parts of the driving test are regarded as one unified test. For category AM you only need to pass the theory test. 

Before each part of the driving test you will be asked to confirm your identity with a valid identity document. On the day of your theory test a photo of you and your signature specimen will be taken 

Both the theory test and the practical test can be taken on the same day. If you belong to a driving school, they will book your test for you. If you practice on your own, you need to book your driving test yourself via official website of Swedish Transport Agency via 

On the day of the test you will start with the theory test, and regardless of the result, you may proceed with the driving test. The practical part of the driving test usually takes about 25 minutes. 
Note that both parts of the risk and hazard perception training must be completed prior to the day of the driving test and their results must be still valid. If you pass the test, the results of each part of the test are valid for 2 months. This means that both practical and theoretical part of the driving test must be successfully completed within 2 months. You can retake the test only after both parts of the driving test have been taken. 

The following driving skills will be evaluated during the driving test:  

-    vehicle control
-    reactions in different traffic situations
-    knowledge and application of traffic rules
-    knowledge and application of eco-driving techniques 

If you have been studying privately, without the driving school, it is your responsibility to arrange a dual control car for your driving test. You can borrow the one from the driving school, or rent one. The only possible language for the practical driving test is Swedish. You can still try to ask your instructor to give instructions in English, and he may agree to do that. If you are not sure you can handle the test in Swedish, bring an interpreter with you. 

Theory and driving tests should be booked at the official portal of Swedish Transport Department at

Risk and hazard perception training is a compulsory part of driving education in Sweden. Before you can take your driving test, you need to complete risk training. 

The purpose of risk training is to familiarize the student with the risks that occur in traffic and to teach how to detect hazard situations in timely manner and react accordingly. During risk training students also get to know the types of driving behaviour that usually lead to dangerous situations and how to avoid them. 

The risk and hazard perception training consists of 2 parts:

  • Part 1 covers such aspects as the danger of alcohol and other drugs, and shows what consequences can come from tiredness and risky behavior
  • Part 2 covers safety issues, the importance of control over vehicle’s speed and the skills of driving in difficult conditions. 

If you have previously held a driving licence but it was withdrawn for some reason, you will have to complete the risk education again before you can take your driver test. 
Risk training is usually provided by driving schools and can be done with any instructor approved by the Swedish Transport Agency. If you are not enrolled to a driving school, you must contact an approved instructor yourself at

You can start preparing for the theory test 2019 before or in parallel with your driving lessons. In fact, you can start your theorytest practice here right now! On this website you will find useful theory book which will help you to learn the theory of driving. Here you can also practice multiple-choice theory tests questions divided into the official categories, same as in the actual test. We provide the latest edition of the driving theory and we revise our questions regularly. Start revising for theory test now!

On the day of the official theory test you will be asked to provide your ID. Theory test 2019 is done on a computer and you can choose between several languages. There are 65 questions and 5 test questions in the beginning, they are not included in your result. The pass mark is 52 out of 65 questions. This means you need to complete 80% of the test correctly in order to pass. You have 50 minutes to complete the test. 
Theory test can be done orally or with the help of an interpreter, if needed. In this case the test can also be extended in time.
You will see your result immediately after the test is completed. 
You are free to use a calculator, and it will be available at the test room.  

The questions in theory test are divided into categories as follows: 

Traffic rules (Trafikregler) - 32 questions
Traffic safety (Trafiksäkerhet) - 16 questions
Automotive knowledge and maneuvering (Fordonskännedom, manövrering) - 7 questions
Environment (Miljö) - 5 questions
Personal circumstances (Personliga förutsättningar) - 5 questions

If you pass your theory test or driving test, your result is valid for two months. If the validity of either of the tests expires, you have to retake the test again. It is recommended to book both tests at the same time. Even if you fail your theory test, you can still do the driving test same day. When you pass both tests, you will receive your driving licence within 5 days. You can book your theory test at the official portal of Swedish Transport Department here.

Here you can find a comprehensive set of preparatory materials, I am very pleased with this site. Two weeks of preparation and theory test passed!


Just wanted to say thank you! Excellent service and great revision tools. Highly recommended!


A big thank you to the creators of this site! Theory test passed today, what a relief! 


I think this is the best online theory test practice I have found. Passed my test with first attempt today, thank you!


Free theory test online

Here you can practice for your theory test. You can choose to practice by category or do a full theory test. Start preparing for your driving licence theory test online right now!

Theory test contains 65 questions. The time limit is 50 minutes. You must answer 52 of the 65 questions correctly to pass the test. Theory test always comes first and its results are valid for 2 months. This means that you need to pass theory test and driving test within 2 months. It is recommended to book both tests at the same time. If your theory test and driving test are booked for the same day and you fail your theory test, you can still do the driving test the same day. When you pass both tests, you will receive your driving licence. This usually takes up to 5 days.  

Driving license theory test consists of these areas:

  • Vehicle awareness and operation: 7 questions
  • Environment: 5 questions
  • Road safety: 16 questions
  • Traffic rules: 32 questions
  • Personal circumstances: 5 questions

Preparation for theory test

When you go to the official theory test you need to take your official ID with you. Your identity will be verified before the test. Theory test is computer based and it is available in 10 different languages. The test takes 50 minutes and contains 65 questions + 5 practice questions. You must have 52 correct answers out of 65 questions which makes 80% pass rate. You will see your results immediately after you have completed all the questions.