Theory test online

Free theory test online

Here you can practice for your theory test. You can choose to practice by category or do a full theory test. Start preparing for your driving licence theory test online right now!

Theory test contains 65 questions. The time limit is 50 minutes. You must answer 52 of the 65 questions correctly to pass the test. Theory test always comes first and its results are valid for 2 months. This means that you need to pass theory test and driving test within 2 months. It is recommended to book both tests at the same time. If your theory test and driving test are booked for the same day and you fail your theory test, you can still do the driving test the same day. When you pass both tests, you will receive your driving licence. This usually takes up to 5 days.  

Driving license theory test consists of these areas:

  • Vehicle awareness and operation: 7 questions
  • Environment: 5 questions
  • Road safety: 16 questions
  • Traffic rules: 32 questions
  • Personal circumstances: 5 questions

Preparation for theory test

When you go to the official theory test you need to take your official ID with you. Your identity will be verified before the test. Theory test is computer based and it is available in 10 different languages. The test takes 50 minutes and contains 65 questions + 5 practice questions. You must have 52 correct answers out of 65 questions which makes 80% pass rate. You will see your results immediately after you have completed all the questions.